All’s Fair in Love… and Sport!

The Deer Park is proud to be home to a top notch collection of sporting memorabilia, the Priory Collection, which charts well over 100 years of the blood, sweat and tears shed by some of the most well-known sporting icons, in some of the world’s most famous sporting events.

What started life as a small collection of a few sporting curios, has over the past decade, grown to become one of the most unusual and diverse sporting collections in the UK with almost 200 pieces – from oil paintings depicting major sporting events, to cricket bats, framed shirts and programmes, adorning the walls of the Deer Park.

Step inside the doors of the hotel and your eyes immediately flit from one item to the next – all with their own story – from bar to dining room and through the upper halls of this historic building, covering sports including football, rugby, cricket, rowing, golf, boxing and horse racing.

A large proportion of the collection provides an amazing pictorial history of the ‘gool old days’, highlighting just how sport has changed today – with artwork depicting a football match used to promote Players Cigarettes – a million miles away from today’s social and sporting attitudes.

Even guests of the Deer Park who themselves have graced the international sporting arena have added to the collection; former Australian cricketer Justin Langer regularly stayed at the Deer Park and even wrote about the hotel in his autobiography! Today, you can see the shirt and gloves he wore when scoring the first century of this century hung up on the wall. Good game chaps!